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We are working to improve the future in industrial assemblies!

We provide services in the field of industrial assemblies, such as: in steelworks, glass factories, cement factories, mills, performing medium-heavy assemblies. We also execute mechanical assemblies of production lines, machine tools, CNC – machines with numerical control, disassembly, transfer and reassembly of production lines.

Our company is structured into three operating divisions:


It operates in the field of medium to heavy mounting by operating with our own equipments and human resources.


It consists of the assembly of production lines, machine tools, continuous casting lines, and industrial installations.


It performs insulation with mineral wool, ceramic fiber, K-flex, Armaflex, covered with aluminum sheet, galvanized or stainless steel.

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specialized tools

We offer a wide variety of tools and machines to be used for every needed project.

project Estimates

Once we analyze a project and its technical details, we do project cost estimations.

eng. consultancy

We offer our expertise in providing  engineering consultancy services.

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“Our priority stands within the needs of our potential clients.”

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